Sometimes we need particular people to talk about a particular topic at particular date and time. You can earn money by helping us find those specific people and getting them to fully complete the project.


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How to

recruit someone in-person to partecipate in a Research Study

Brands are constantly looking for feedback from their customers about the services and products they sell. Through, you can earn money by helping us recruit these customers for these brands
Step 1
Find someone that you think might qualify for one of our studies and then approach them
Connectors step 1
Strike up a conversation about something related to the study
Step 2
Tell them what we do!
Connectors infographic
Explain what we do and how they can earn money through
Step 3
Hand them your unique QR Code and tell them about the process
To qualify for the study, they will need to answer a few questions through an online screener that you can share with them through a QR Code right on your phone!